Now Stocking: Echo Custom Drums

Here at the Johnny Roadhouse drum department we are committed to bringing you the finest instruments at a range of price points, but when something special comes along sometimes we just have to be a part of it. In this spirit, we are delighted to announce that we will be stocking the North-West’s very own Echo Custom Drums.


For the discerning player, sometimes even the top of the line factory-made drums just don’t cut it. When in search of that perfect sound, look and feel, modern drummers are increasingly turning to the custom drum manufacturers – companies that can take a specification, an idea or a sound and turn it into a reality. With over 40 years experience in the manufacturing trade, Echo Custom Drums can do just that.

Specialising in metal drums – snares and full kits as well as percussion – Echo offer all the variety of materials, sizes, hardware options and finishes that you would expect from a custom company. From the rich, full tone of brass to the sharp, cutting timbre of steel; the soft, dry crack of aluminium to the deep warmth of copper, all of Echo’s drums are expertly crafted using aircraft graded materials and finished to a standard in-keeping with the proud tradition of UK metal crafting.


There is a real emphasis on sound here – which may seem like an obvious thing – but with the recent surge in popularity of custom drum companies whose focus gravitates towards the aesthetic, it is refreshing to see a drum manufacturer paying real attention to the true defining quality of a drum – its sonic properties. With this ethos in place it is easy to see how the company has attracted artists such as Elbow’s Richard Jupp, who cites the versatility of Echo’s snare drums as an essential element of his drum sound and points out that “they can take an absolute battering!” Add to this already glowing testimonial from one of the UK’s leading drummers a 5-star Rhythm Magazine review and a successful stint at this year’s London Drum Show and it’s clear that Echo Custom Drums are going places.


In store we currently have 4 snare models featuring aluminium, copper and brass shells and in a range of depths. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, these drums look how they sound: like they mean business! Design features such as tube lugs and beaded shells imbue the drums with a classic style, placing the emphasis on the sound they create and pushing them in line with the tried-and-tested metal drums we have all come to know and love. But of course, order one and it can look more or less however you want it to!


If we have piqued your interest why not come down and try them for yourself? In addition to the snare drums already stocked we will also be introducing a kit and a range of percussion items to the store in the near future.

We are very happy to be offering a truly exceptional range of products from one of the UK’s most exciting custom drum companies and look forward to providing our loyal customers with something a bit special.

Ian Darke
Johnny Roadhouse Music
0161 273 1111


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